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Managed to pick up the game on sale, made some kind of bonus

How do I play with friends?

Развивайте игру дальше.

ok :)

Really cool game! I love the graphics.

Just when I join a game, no other player seems to be with me, it's just me and the bots. And when I disable the bots, it is only me! Is it because fewer people are playing it now? If yes, this game is fantastic, and deserve more players! Please market this game, and if you can and haven't done yet, release it on steam!

thank you for your kind words. Exactly ..currently it just play too few people, because I have it only released on and also do no marketing. I'm thinking about updating it again in the near future and then releasing it on steam.

Yes, do it for sure, and it will give good results I'm sure! 👍

This game is awesome. Thank you for your work, hope you reach your goals with it.


Amazing game! Found it on reddit as someone posted how great it was. Hope to see further work. One missing feature I see is the ability to customize our potatos to our liking, instead of just random. Thanks! 

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thanks and good idea :)

me imajino cuanto te tardo

I cant find the file that opens the game

Can you make the game for 34 bit?

cuz my freind use 34 bit

what do you mean with 34 bit?

64bit or 32bit ..your choice :D

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8 bit

The most fun but i can't change my name and can anyone teach me how to play with freinds


me and my friends literly had so much fun i am still laughing from all the funny moments but we did run in 2-3 glitches but that made us  have more fun


thank you very much :)


I made a video to recommend your game! I speak Spanish, I don't have many followers but my intention is always to help indie devs! I hope it helps you get new followers! And thanks for making such a fun game!


thank you :)


My and my friends want new update! (because we like the game)



more levels?


Yes new stages to play with friends i would like that...


I'm sure this is how they made Fall Guys



nice :)


This game is super fun!! I love the level variety (apart from slap balls....i suck at slap balls). Had an absolute blast playing this game! Its a shame others players aren't playing online as the bots are somewhat questionable as they only want to kill you :'D Other than that, a great load of fun, excellent work! :D Gameplay is below if interested :)


thank you very much :)


fall guys clone!


O jogo precisa de pelomenos quantos gb de ram pra rodar 60fps


quantos fps tem? e poderia talvez escrever em inglês? ;)


lol it runs 6fps on my pc on low

hi singingCoyote13,

do you try to change the quality settings and also disable the post effects?

in the next release i will also add the option to change the resolution.

cheers tom

yeah i set it all to low but my pc cant help it i have only older hardware in my home , the newest hardware i have is an xbox one (2014/2015). resolution would be a very great advantage, could you please include resolutions as low as possible then ?

yeah i will test how low i can set it ..before you can not use the gui anymore



great game!

thanks :D


great & fun game . thanks 

thanks :)

why is it 100% off

it is free forever :)


Nice game !!

Bro do you get NY money from this


I do not know what you mean with NY money ??

I mean any money as donation or something


i have got a 2 dollar donation.

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How many views and downloads you have

And also you gonna post your game in indiegames indiega ming play my game etc.. Subreddit also why don't you release it on playstore or amazon app store(paid) 

hi thanks for the informations ..can you send me the links to this websites?? subreddit? i have 480 views and 156 downloads so far .. i dont think that i release it on playstore or amazon app? the development is not finish at the moment ..and i prefer the pc platform .. for playstore i have to change the controls for tablets and handy .. also i use photon network with 100 ccu .. so only maximal 100 players can play the game at the same time ..if more want to play i have to buy a bigger package ..

Awesome game, hope it keeps being developed

thx :) of course :)